Shoalhaven Woman's Health Centre offers several types of counselling


General or any issues for assessment and referral counselling is a one hour session with the counsellor for you to talk about your concerns. After hearing your situation, the counsellor will then discuss with you the most appropriate services available in the community for your needs. You may also benefit from being referred to another service at Shoalhaven Womens Health Centre such as massage, reiki, Alternative Therapist or to one of the groups. Assessment counselling is available to all women.


Counselling for drugs or alcohol use is provided to women on low incomes with an addiction to alcohol and other substances. The counselling is also available for women who are affected by the substance use of someone significant to them (such as their partner or close family).


Pregnancy Counselling


Our pregnancy counselling is:


• Pro-choice


• Woman-centred


• Supportive and non-judgmental


• Confidential and private

• Provided by our women’s health nurse, professional counsellors


We are also able to arrange interpreting services. Let us know your needs when booking your appointment.

We support women’s access to all reproductive choices. We believe in women’s rights to have access to affordable contraception, sex education, paid maternity leave, IVF and to decide whether to proceed with pregnancy and choose adoption, become a parent or terminate a pregnancy.


Most of all we believe in the right women have to accurate information about their reproductive health, non-judgment from health workers and in their ability to make their own decisions.



We respect women and the myriad of circumstances in women’s lives.


For counselling, a voluntary donation of $10, at the time of the visit is appreciated and helps cover the Centre’s running costs.


Contact us to make an appointment to see a counsellor.