Rights and Responsibilities


Shoalhaven woman's Health Centre

Clients of Shoalhaven Woman's Health Centre have the right to:


• be treated with dignity and respect

• receive clear information about the range of services, waiting times, the process for the follow up of results, their proposed care plan and expected outcomes and the responsibilities of their health worker make their own health care decisions


• confidentiality: Information clients tell their SWHC health workers about themselves or others will not be available to anyone who is not involved in their health care, unless the client provides consent, it is required by law or the client’s safety or that of another person is at risk


• read their file and add comments to it if they wish. If the client wishes to read their file, they are asked to make an appointment for this purpose wth their health worker


• use an interpreter service


• have their personal health information stored securely according to the law


• accept or refuse the centres service Including:

- not to treat an issue or condition
- withdraw their consent at any time
- not take part in student placements or research
- seek a second opinion
- transfer their health care to another health worker or agency


• make a complaint, suggestion or comment about any aspect of the service they have received



Clients of Shoalhaven Woman's Health Centre have the right to:


• be on time and come prepared for their appointments or phone the centre if they are unable to attend


• know their own health history and provide, to the best of their knowledge, accurate and complete information about their situation, medications and other matters related to their health


• use prescribed treatments and follow instructions as advised or discuss with their health worker if they are unhappy or unwilling to do so


• ask questions about their health issue and its management


• tell their health worker they are seeing someone else for the same issue


• accept the results of decisions they have made about their health care


• respect the rights of other people using the centre


• respect the role and dignity of staff and their right to a safe and pleasant work environment


respect the organisation’s policies and procedures


• make a complaint, suggestion or comment about any aspect of the service they’ve received



If you have a problem with your health care or have had a negative experience when visiting us, we would like to know.


Please discuss any problems you may have with your health professional. To make a complaint, please speak with the Manager phone: (02) 4421 0730 or email:swhc@swhc.org.au with your contact detail.


Feedback and complaints are taken seriously and are used to help us improve.


After we have investigated the complaint you are not satisfied with the outcome, you may lodge the complaint with the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission, Locked Mail Bag 18, Strawberry Hills 2012. Tel. 1800 043 159 (toll free) email: hccc@hccc.nsw.gov.au