Workshops and Groups

New To Town

Group to support women who are new to the Shoalhaven.


The SWHC will commence a new group called 'New To Town'. This group will help support women who are new to the Shoalhaven and would like to increase social and support networks. The 'New to Town' Group gives participants the opportunity to meet others in similar circumstances and access information to what services are available.


If you would like more information or to book a place, please call the Centre.


The group will meet weekly for 5 weeks.



Boost Your Energy

Vital tips to keep your liver healthy.


The liver is the major organ that cleanses and filters your blood.

If your liver is overloaded & exhausted it will struggle to detoxify your body, resulting in ill health.


To support and nourish our health and well being we need to look after our liver.


Come and meet Valerie who will discuss and explain these vital liver health tips.

Increase energy levels, weight issues, reduce allergies, improve hormonal health, enhance memory and recall.


If you would like more information or to book a place, please call the Centre.


The group will meet every second Monday of the Month.



Take Control of Light Bladder Leakage (LBL)

Ignoring the problem won't make it go away.


Pelvic Floor Muscle, not to be neglected.

Are there times when you just 'got to run' now?

Sneezing or coughing causes an unwanted reflex?

Have you just had a baby?

Join Vanessa, a professional physiotherapist and take control, use it or lose it.


Information you need to know.

Learn easy everyday exercises.

Come with a friend.


If you would like more information or to book a place, please call the Centre.



Women’s Wisdom Group

For women who have experienced a relationship that makes them feel bad.


Would you like to learn skills to help you feel happier, choose healthier relationships, communicate better and manage depression, guilt and anxiety.


Come and join us at the Centre for this 6 week Skill and Personal Development Program.



Yoga Nidra Workshop

These sessions will be an introduction to connecting to the stillness within.


This is a 5 week workshop about deep relaxation designed to provide restorative health. Pranayama are breathing techniques used to energise, balance and calm the mind/body.



Yoga Nidra and Gentle Stretching

These sessions will be an introduction to connecting to the stillness within.


There are many meditation techniques to help move to a state of inner peace and finding the pathway that creates the least struggle. It allows you to take the time to sit with yourself in a safe supported environment and witness what arises.


Burying emotions traps our energy and creates more stress, accepting them and letting them go liberates energy, calms the mind and reduces stress.



Assertiveness Workshop

Good self esteem and assertiveness is the basis of good communication and relationships.


In this workshop we look at the role of boundaries in our lives, how to say no, how to ask for what we want and what makes this difficult.



Managing Stress Workshop

Stress management is a key leaning area for all of us in this busy world.


This one day workshop looks at how stress effects our lives, physically, psychologically, emotionally and socially.


By increasing our understanding we can develop strategies to manage it in our daily lives. Doing the workshop itself is one of the strategies!


This workshop also has a self care session, which may include, relaxation, meditation, nutrition information, and gentle exercise.



Menopause Workshop

Managing menopause may be part of a number of adjustments that women make in midlife.


The workshop aim is to guide women through the physical and emotional changes that can accompany menopause, lifestyle advice to help manage these changes and options for treatment such as complimentary therapies and hormone replacement.


Lifestyle advice includes information on bone health, nutrition, physical activity, aging well and heart health.




Ayurverdic Principles Workshop

This will be a brief introduction into the ancient Indian healing system that works with the 5 elements to understand body types.


It will address how the combination of elements form the vital life force which exists in nature.

To retain vitality, recover from disease and prevent illness it is eventual the prime energy (life force) is in balance. water, air ,fire and earth combine to create our constitution.